Markets Media WIF Awards Q&A: Tracy Caliendo, BofA

Markets Media WIF Awards Q&A: Tracy Caliendo, BofA

Tracy Caliendo, Managing Director at Bank of America, won Excellence in Leadership | Hedge Funds at Markets Media Group’s 2020 Women in Finance (U.S.) Awards.

What was your reaction to winning the award?

Tracy Caliendo

I was very honored. It’s so easy to get immersed in the day to day, this wonderful acknowledgement helped me to stop and reflect on how rewarding our careers are. I’m really fortunate. I truly love what I do.

What have been the main drivers of your success?

For more than 20 years I have had the privilege of engaging with some remarkable people. I’ve worked with incredible teams and outstanding clients that have been a source of inspiration and education for me day in and day out. I’d be remiss if I didn’t also recognize my husband and our special family. I have five wonderful children, four of which were born 13 months apart from one another. I have learned work life balance is key to all our lives, especially during these incredibly challenging times.

How would you describe your work/management ‘style’?

I think of my management style as very strategic. I really try to understand people’s strengths and weaknesses. I focus on their strengths to set them up to be successful. I also surround myself with strong people. I have always appreciated the support I have around me, because they have helped me be better at my job.

What’s your motivation for going to work every day?

I love what I do. It gives me a great sense of purpose and I want my kids to strive to find a career/profession that they are passionate about.

Who have been the main influences in your career?

I had and have several managers and mentors that influence my career day in and day out. If I had to name one early in my career, who enabled me to get to where I am today it would be Duncan Niederauer. Duncan is the former CEO of the NYSE and I worked directly for him for 8 years. He was such a visionary. Duncan was an excellent role model and a terrific manager. He pushed me ahead, got me promoted and gave me stretch assignments. He was someone that saw talent and leveraged it regardless if you were a man or a woman.

Which actress should play you in a biopic about your life/career?

My dream cast would be Angelina Jolie- I admire her strength and the confidence she exudes. She’s independent, unconventional, a career woman and can relate to having a big family!

What is something about you that surprises people?

There are few women on Wall Street that have 5 children and have a full time career. People are usually shocked that I am able to manage, but I do. Work keeps me sane and I hope my children will see me as a role model.

How do you give back?

I am a big supporter of female entrepreneurs. I sat on the board of the Women’s Venture Fund for many years. They are a non-profit that supports women small owned businesses, by providing consulting advice and micro financing. I also often try to buy from small business owners. There are incredible children’s products out there that are made by one person that saw an inefficiency in the market. I am always trying out their merchandise and I will help promote them on my children’s Instagram account @almosttripletsnyc.

What are your future goals?

I aspire to be a role model for both women in the industry and my children. I hope I show people that you can have a great family with a fulfilling career.

What’s your advice to the next generation of women in finance?

It’s important to maintain a healthy work life balance by 1) Play to your strengths and outsource the things that you are not good at instead of wasting time. 2) Know and nurture your network. There are valuable resources around you, your peers, who will be there to help. When times get tough they will be the ones to lift you up and support you. 3) Be realistic. At the end of each working day, perform a self-analysis. Ask yourself what worked and what can I have done differently. Better to get rid of bad habits and implement good ones.

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