NYSE Expands Network to Equinix Data Center in Secaucus

Terry Flanagan

NYSE Technologies, the technology arm of NYSE Euronext, has hatched plans to build and operate a Secure Financial Trading Infrastructure (SFTI) access center at the Equinix NY5 data center in Secaucus, New Jersey.

The new access center at NY5 will provide mutual customers within the facility direct connectivity to SFTI and access to financial markets, market data and post-trade services, thereby enabling them to take advantage of the financial ecosystem of both Equinix, a data center provider, and NYSE Technologies.

“We can’t build world-class liquidity centers without strong partnerships with other exchanges and firms around the world,” said Don Henderson, chief technology officer at NYSE Technologies.

“We plan to continue evolving our order routing offering, so you can connect to our infrastructure and you can route to our markets as well as many other markets more quickly and effectively.”

Through SFTI, NYSE Technologies provides universal access to world markets. By renting electronic trading capability rather than running these systems in-house, trading firms gain one-stop connectivity to markets with a choice of technology at every stage of workflow.

“Much of that that order facilitation infrastructure is already in place today and is a big part of our SFTI network,” Henderson said. “You can connect to every market in Toronto and Tokyo by connecting to SFTI.

“With the TSE [Toronto Stock Exchange], for example, they enable their customers to route to our infrastructure and then globally connect to other markets that we’ve been building high-performance connections to for years. That is the next step in inter-exchange order routing that is functionally efficient and highly cost-effective for the individual firms looking to access global liquidity.”

The network is built to facilitate large quantities of electronic quotes, trades and market data traffic while ensuring reliable access to nearly all North American equities and derivatives markets and exchanges, including low latency access to NYSE Euronext equities and derivatives markets and a host of non-NYSE Euronext global execution venues.

Along with the deployment in NY5, NYSE Technologies now has SFTI access centers inside six Equinix data centers in key markets around the world, including New York (NY1 and NY5), Chicago, Singapore, Frankfurt and London.

“NYSE’s SFTI access center in NY5 is a significant addition to the Equinix financial ecosystem in the New York metro area and customers such as NYSE help to further build out the depth and diversity of its participants, which is critical to the health of the global electronic trading community,” said John Knuff, general manager, global financial services at Equinix, in a statement.

“One of the biggest advantages of the NYSE offering is the focus on customer access, making it easy to connect to their product and service offerings, including the U.S. Liquidity Center in Mahwah, from anywhere in the world.”

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