Optiver Joins Vienna Stock Exchange as Trading Member

Optiver Joins Vienna Stock Exchange as Trading Member

The Vienna Stock Exchange welcomes a new trading member: Optiver will participate in trading on the Vienna Stock Exchange as of today. The company is one of the leading market making institutions and operates globally with offices in Amsterdam, London, Austin, Chicago, Sydney, Taipei, Hong Kong, Shanghai, and Singapore. Optiver was founded in 1986 in the Netherlands and has over 1,600 employees worldwide.

“With over 35 years of experience as a global market maker with a strong track record in equities, exchange-traded funds and listed derivatives, we are pleased to become a member of the Vienna Stock Exchange”, said Andrew Meyer, Head of Cash Equity and ETF Trading at Optiver.

A total of 65 members, including 23 Austrian and 42 international banks and securities firms, are currently admitted to trading on the Vienna Stock Exchange. The top market participants in the first half of 2022 were: Morgan Stanley & Co (13.48%), J.P. Morgan SE (7.47%) ahead of BOFA Securities Europe SA (6.98%).

Source: Vienna Stock Exchange

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