Perseus Sets Sights on Asia

Terry Flanagan

Perseus, a financial infrastructure provider, has established Hong Kong as its base of operations for the Asia-Pacific region, from which it plans to roll out its LiquidPath service in order to place the region on an equal footing with the rest of the world.

“Asia-Pacific has been playing catch up, and so we’re very active in facilitating that catch up,” said Perseus CEO Dr. Jock Percy. “By virtue of deploying LiquidPath in all of these locations, we’re going to accelerate the financial trading infrastructure from being a number of years behind to being completely up to date, and we’re going to achieve that in a matter of weeks and months, not years.”

Asian markets have experienced explosive growth compared with more developed financial systems in the U.S. and Europe. Hong Kong is at the center of that growth and Perseus has been planning to expand its operations where for several years to capitalize on this potential.

“We’ve been connected to the major financial cities in Asia for 2-3 years, but now we are rolling out a LiquidPath offering in the major tier one and tier two marketplaces in Asia, starting with Hong Kong, Tokyo, Singapore, (and) Sydney,” said Percy.

LiquidPath is a fully managed service offering trading infrastructure, connectivity, hardware equipment and local consultancy for the buy side, sell side and service vendors.

“The LiquidPath service enables traders to go to market in a matter of days, not months. All they need to do is park their algorithm or their trading application either on the server of their choice or our server infrastructure and they can begin trading straight away,” Percy said. “They connect to the appropriate exchange or broker-dealer immediately.”

In November 2014, Perseus was selected as a finalist for the Hong Kong government sponsored StartmeupHK Venture Programme which is designed to bring young, fast-growing companies into the Asia Pacific marketplace. Of 12 finalists, Perseus was one of two grand prize winners.

“Perseus is among the many startups from the StartmeupHK Venture Programme with plans to set up in Hong Kong,” said Simon Galpin, director-general of investment promotion at InvestHK, in a release. “Its arrival will benefit Hong Kong in terms of fintech know-how as well as direct and indirect jobs created.”

Added Percy, “Demand is high in the Asia-Pacific region for getting to market faster in a very efficient manner, which is what LiquidPath does. There’s cross-border, cross-asset-trading opportunities. The uptake from clients has been tremendous.”

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