Photo Preview: We Test-Drive the 2012 BMW 650i


BMW’s latest iteration of its high-end sport coupe is geared toward those who want the creature comforts of a sedan but the athletic abilities of a race-tuned automobile. With the 2012 650i, one gets helpings of both.

If it’s head-turning attention you’re after, then this car is a contender. Low to the ground, with a wide stance and a sharper, less-rounded aesthetic than its predecessors, our metallic, winter-white, eight-speed Sport model got plenty of looks, even while being photographed in off-season Southampton, New York. Oh, and it was plenty of fun to drive, too–after our last test drive (the ever-refined, yet lethally fast and sporty 2012 Aston Martin Virage), this model proved to be a blatantly aggressive, road feel-heavy counterpart.

Ahead of our full review of the 2012 BMW 650i in our May/June issue of Markets Media Magazine, however, we bring you a couple of photo teasers, shot during an early March sunset by Agawam Lake in Southampton, Long Island.

The 2012 model has a more chiseled, shark-like design, with striking chrome details.

The 650i’s front remains mostly similar to the 2011 model, retaining the carved, swooping look of the hood and the pushed-forward grille.

The 2012 model’s real visual improvement is found in the side and rear design, which has been revamped for a sleeker, more angularly sculpted look, rather than the previously somewhat bulky appearance of the 2010 and 2011 models.

The Lifestyle section of our upcoming May/June issue of Markets Media Magazine features a full review of our weekend to, in, and from the Hamptons with the 2012 BMW 650i. Keep an eye out for it!

Photos by Jill Damatac, Markets Media LLC, 2012. All rights reserved.

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