Portfolio Software Targets Emerging Markets

Terry Flanagan

Portfolio management systems are seeing a rise in demand globally, especially from emerging markets.

Tradar, for instance, has continued its geographic expansion by signing Parus Capital in Moscow, and Compass Asset Management in Kazakhstan to its flagship product, Insight.

Global expansion is a key part of Tradar’s strategy for growth and builds out from its established operations in the US, Europe and Asia-Pacific.

“Hedge funds are being established in more countries each year, and the client footprint within our operational regions is expanding,” Gerry Gualtieri, CEO of Tradar, told Markets Media. “The combination of our established regional operations, ease of deployment and variety of delivery methods allow us to be responsive to these trends.”

While specific market and regulatory requirements differ from country to country, the overall drive towards greater operational efficiency, with more efficient portfolio management across a variety of instruments remains constant.

“Clients need real time, accurate data to support trading and investment operations and also need to demonstrate operational control to their investors. Insight provides this and also delivers in-built scalability to support growth in operations and assets under management,” said Gualtieri.

Along with the need for intra-day, highly accurate books and records and a proven track record for delivery and support, industry trends of increased regulation and investor demand for greater visibility are key factors in driving demand for Insight, said Gualtieri.

In Kazakhstan, Compass Asset Management implemented Tradar’s Insight in order to replace an under-performing solution. Tradar will support Compass Asset Management’s ongoing expansion, said Ayan Battalova, managing director, at Compass Asset Management.

The integration of order workflow with FIX connectivity has allowed clients to view portfolios in real-time and execute trades. Tradar has added a new order import utility to Insight, its flagship portfolio management and accounting; the utility streamlines the order creation process for hedge funds using in-house order generation tools, enabling orders to be passed directly into Insight for pre-trade allocation and compliance testing.


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