Quant Platform Moves Beyond Strategy Design

Terry Flanagan

A platform designed for quantitative and technical trading groups – Realtime Systems Group’s RTD Tango Quant – has added features that go beyond the original strategy design capabilities. Users can create portfolios across multiple exchanges and asset classes, back test, analyze and execute in live markets, and track activities with real-time graphs and reports.

Building on the idea of providing a development and real-time trading environment for trading models, RTD Tango Quant enables immediate deployment through multiple connections to trading venues worldwide, the company said. Benefits include the ability to manage the entire life cycle of the trading strategy on a single platform, solving quantitative trading challenges associated with growing, deploying and maintaining data on the intellectual property of customized and automated trading strategies.

“Unlike our RTD Tango that caters to low-latency, high-frequency traders, RTD Tango Quant is more of a low-frequency algorithmic trading product geared toward quantitative traders more concerned with designing their strategies, optimizing them, conducting a thorough but timely post-trade analysis and refining strategies based on mathematical and quantitative conclusions,” Realtime Systems Group chief executive Steffen Gemuenden said.

For back-testing and utilizing techniques to optimize and execute strategies, Interactive Brokers clients can tap into historical trade depositories for risks, problem areas and gaps in executions to build and analyze a wide range of hypothetical scenarios in addition to analyzing trades generated by RTD Tango Quant. Clients interfacing with Interactive Brokers can execute through that system or through the order management system of Realtime Systems, which created RTD Tango Quant a year ago.

“We have the ability to add other order management systems as well, based on client demand, and we’re in the process of integrating some investment banks and prime brokerage systems,” Gemuenden said.

Organizations can maintain their own history using the RTD Market Data Server to develop their own in-house data repository, with easy-to-use interfaces and mapping capabilities, RTS said in a statement.






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