Rebar Inks Best-Ex Algo Deal with QB


Quantitative Brokers (QB), an independent provider of advanced algorithms and data-driven analytics to clients in the Futures and US Cash Treasury markets, has partnered with Rebar Systems (Rebar), a FinTech company specializing in building highly flexible, multi-asset order and execution management systems, to offer QB’s award-winning, premium execution algorithms on Rebar’s flagship product, ROME™ (Rebar Order Management & Execution).

ROME™, formally launched in April 2018, has integrated QB’s sophisticated fixed income and futures algorithms – Bolt, Strobe, and Closer – to offer hedge funds and asset managers streamlined trading workflows and a greater ability to achieve and measure best execution.

“We are delighted to partner with Quantitative Brokers and offer their algorithms on ROME™,” said Adam Striffler, Head of Sales and Business Development at Rebar. “We strive to offer cutting edge technology solutions to our clients. The addition of QB’s suite of algorithms is a natural fit. QB is providing the buy-side next-generation tools and analytics that address unique fixed-income trading challenges seen across the industry.”

“Buy-side institutions are drilling down on core capabilities to stay competitive, and QB’s algorithms are designed to help clients optimize execution and minimize their cost of trading,” said Guy Cirillo, Head of Partnership Sales at QB. “Rebar’s client support team and advanced trading solutions make them an ideal partner.”

In addition to their algorithms, which are designed to optimize execution by dynamically responding to market conditions, QB offers extensive transaction cost analysis (TCA) for clients to further help them achieve best execution – pushing the boundary of capabilities in electronic trading.

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