Summer C-Level Series: John Abbot, Telx

Terry Flanagan

What have been the major themes of your business so far this year?
The major themes of our business have been an increased focus on providing data center solutions to the Enterprise vertical while continuing to show robust growth in our Service Provider vertical.  If 2013 was about bringing the highest quality enterprise-grade data centers to new and expanding markets, 2014 is about expanding with the highest quality data center space in our core interconnection market (New York City).

What has surprised you in 2014?

John Abbot, Telx

John Abbot, Telx

How quickly the gospel of connectivity has spread. Our competition — including wholesale and retail solution providers — continue to message around the importance of connectivity. Obviously, we couldn’t agree more.

Also, the evolution of the data center.  We’re well beyond the days of table stakes being simply space and power.  Customers are savvy buyers who demand 100% reliability and resiliency, on-time deployment, life-cycle scalability and network optionality.  Our challenge is to meet the customer’s needs today and stay ahead of their needs for the future.

What are your expectations for the duration of 2014?
As more and more Enterprises outsource their data center needs and content delivery and cloud deployments become even more integral to the internet landscape, we expect the need for our highly interconnected data center ecosystems to grow even faster.

As the value and utility of the ecosystems for our customers grows, we expect to continue to drive strong revenue growth throughout our national data center portfolio.

While these drivers help us grow the business, we’ll focus on providing outstanding technical support, service and solution architecture to our customers.


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