Summer C-Level Series: John Superson, Victory Networks

Terry Flanagan

What have been the major themes of your business so far this year?
Sophisticated data and analytics are no longer only isolated to quotes and strategies. Instead, the rigorous demands of research and compliance mean that firms need to weave data together and have trading, risk and compliance systems aligned.

More specifically, firms are thinking more and more about how the imported data is being consumed by more than just the execution engine. Risk needs to be monitored on a microsecond-by-microsecond basis, while compliance inquiries must also be able to sort and process large amounts of data in a small window. This means that low-latency isn’t just for the trading floor anymore. So, to optimize efficient networks, firms need to integrate systems together and discuss from the onset standard protocols.

John Superson, Victory Networks

John Superson, Victory Networks

What has surprised you in 2014?
The rapid acceleration of customized – as opposed to one-sized-fits-all – solutions, particularly in large enterprises. Even large firms at the moment are not going after the big-box answers and solutions. Instead, these firms are looking for companies that can generate very specific efficiencies.

What are your expectations for the duration of 2014?
Each facet of a trading firm can require different outputs from the same inputs. And while systems have typically been created to prioritize the trading desk, firms realize that customizable solutions and APIs can make life easier in all the other parts of the trading firm – risk management, compliance, legal, research, etc.
Trading firms are increasingly looking at integrating all aspects of business. While trading desks will still have the loudest voice in decisions, firms will continue to integrate departments earlier in the technology process.

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