With Ankit Mittal, Business Change Manager, Global Trading, Schroders

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Firms will continue the digital transformation of fixed income trading by harnessing the power of voice data.

Daily Email Feature

Nivaura Automates Bond Issuance

The bond issuance process has been cut from days to hours.

Daily Email Feature

As the Algo Wheel Turns

Automated order-routing process helps the buy side trade more systematically.

The bank has partnered with fintech Sharegain.

Fintech Nivaura helped develop Flow which provides end-to-end automation in primary debt markets.

Longstanding settlement risk issues need to be ironed out.

Discussion covered what processes have been automated and which have yet to be automated.

As cloud and data technologies shape the evolution of automation, COVID-19 has its own impact.

The process of automation varies by asset class, by bank, and by buy-side client specifications.