Nasdaq GIS head says the exchange group is ultimately a technology provider whose specialty is data insights.

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Data shows the proportion of bearish bets has been falling recently, and is near decade lows.

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Nasdaq Expands Cannabis Data

Insight product aims to meet increased demand for information from institutional investors.

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VOLQ Launches on CME 

Nasdaq-100 Volatility Index indicates at-the-money near-term turbulence.

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Retail Investing Evolves

The influx of 'Main Street' market participants is a welcome development, but educational guardrails are needed.

Retail traders can make the equity markets more vibrant and liquid -- as long as they avoid common pitfalls.

Data shows that the exchange data product is neither complimentary nor complementary.

Nasdaq's Phil Mackintosh asks if lit markets are being taken for granted.

VOLQ futures are meant to meet growing demand for tools to hedge portfolio volatility exposure.

New exchanges compress bid-ask spreads less than one might expect, Nasdaq's Phil Mackintosh writes.