Telx Launches Hosted Cloud Service

Terry Flanagan

Data center provider Telx has launched two cloud nodes together with Peak (formerly PeakColo), an enterprise-class IaaS cloud provider, allowing firm direct access to Telx Enabled Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS).

The new core nodes reside in two Telx data centers, SCL2, a 40,000 square foot data center in Santa Clara, Calif., and in ATL1, a 160,000 square foot data center located in Atlanta.

Telx-enabled cloud services allows clients to access a customizable set of cloud services, managed storage and backup services, while leveraging Telx’s access to carriers and global networks, said Les Williams, director of strategic business development at Telx. “We are excited about the prospect of expanding our partnership with Peak across any of Telx’s 20 data centers coast to coast as the market needs arise,” he said.

Williams said that the Telx-Peak partnership is responsive to increased customer demand for flexible cloud solutions.

“This allows financial services firms to leverage the expertise of a seasoned IaaS provider to build a cloud system that conforms to enterprise-class standards for compliance and high performance,” he said. “Peak offers high availability cloud platforms, and Telx offers 100% uptime as well. It allows firms to take advantage of the capabilities of the cloud without sacrificing security and compliance.”

Cloud services adoption in the capital markets has increased in the last few years, according of research firm Ovum. Although the process of migrating services to the cloud is often driven by cost constraints, there is also now a dimension of preparing a platform for the sector’s future evolution.

Peak currently has cloud nodes in 11 unique geographies across the U.S. and Europe offering partners, VARs and distributors flexible ways to connect interchangeably.

“We wanted to provide easy ways for clients to utilize cloud computing and with our network technology, both Telx customers and Peak partners can quickly migrate full production and backup environments directly to the cloud,” said Dave Woodward, senior vice president of sales for Peak. “The marketplace has positively responded to the enablement of Peak’s cloud within Telx facilities. We look forward to bringing more cloud nodes online in Telx facilities throughout the coming year.”

The companies are offering incentives to clients who establish new cloud service including hybrid configurations, which leverage both Telx colocation and a cloud platform powered by Peak.

“Infrastructure as a Service continues to be a strong growth area for cloud computing because it provides businesses of all sizes with enhanced capabilities and direct financial benefits,” said Tim FitzGerald, vice president of Avnet Cloud Solutions. “Our channel partners will be able to leverage these new nodes to address the IT infrastructure challenges of their customers related to business continuity, disaster recovery, storage and networking.”

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