By Terry Flanagan

Tick Data Powers Financial Markets

The need to capture and analyze tick data, on both a historical and real-time basis, spans all sectors of the capital markets industry, including banks, broker-dealers, hedge funds and asset managers.

They use tick databases to capture, store and analyze data in order to support quantitative research, algo development, strategy back testing, transaction cost analysis, market surveillance, technical studies and charting applications.

“Our base is anybody who cares enough about market data to want to mine it, to want to do things with it, analyze it,” Richard Chmiel, senior vice president at OneMarketData, told Markets Media. “It can be a buy-side firm, long-only asset manager, quant fund, Chicago prop shop, or a global bank. It can be an information company, an exchange, a marketplace, anybody that cares about storing and analyzing tick-level data.”

OneMarketData has launched a cloud-based platform, OneTickCLOUD, for managing tick data to enable quants, traders, researchers and compliance professionals to remove the hassles associated with data collection and management.

“Every firm that uses our product, and almost every financial firm, needs data, and many of them need tick level data to do a variety of things,” said Chmiel. “Rather than an individual firm needing to acquire and manage the data themselves, they can tap into our cloud-based service that has the data accessible to them.”

Large quant funds, such as Bridgewater and Tudor, capture tick data from CME, Eurex, ICE, Nasdaq, NYSE, LSE and other exchanges, and load the data into databases such as OneMarketdata’s OneTick, from where the data is analyzed.

“They capture every tick on every security, put it into a database like OneTick, and in-house manage this large database of tick data,” said Chmiel. “Instead, they could just access tick data in the cloud via OneTick Cloud. They don’t have to have this entire infrastructure.”

“We have been looking to replace our tick data application for a few years and had not been able to find a suitable alternative,” said Gene Gorskie of Artorius Management, in a release. “After testing OneTickCLOUD, we are able to access the same high-quality data but with dramatically less processing overhead, which improves our ability to analyze market conditions.”

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