Trading Technologies Opens TT Platform in Tokyo


Trading Technologies International, Inc. (TT), a global provider of high-performance professional trading software, announced today the availability of execution and client connectivity services in Tokyo via its TT platform. This move strengthens TT’s presence in the Asia/Pacific region, providing users there with increased accessibility to low-latency execution through TT’s worldwide network of colocated data centers.

TT currently offers connectivity to Osaka Securities Exchange (OSE) through the JPX colocation space,
and proximity connectivity to Tokyo Commodity Exchange (TOCOM) and Tokyo Financial Exchange
(TFX) will be offered in the near future through the AT TOKYO CC2 Premium rack colocation space.

This enhanced exchange connectivity model provides traders with direct market access and seamless
execution through the TT platform.

“Our expansion of the TT platform into Tokyo demonstrates TT’s long-term commitment to the Asia/
Pacific region, while showcasing TT’s dedication to providing accessible, reliable, superior trade
execution to professional traders worldwide,” said Michael Peters, Regional Executive Sales Director at
Trading Technologies.

“We welcome Trading Technologies to our colocation space,” said Mr. Ryusuke Yokoyama, Senior
Executive Officer and CIO at JPX. “By colocating with JPX, TT is providing users with an environment
that allows users to acquire market data directly and ultra-low-latency trade execution to Osaka
Securities Exchange (OSE). TT is providing one of the most extensive derivatives platform and we hope
their participation will improve our users’ convenience and support smoother trading activities.”

Last year, TT announced colocated access to the London Metal Exchange (LME) in London and the
Hong Kong Exchange (HKEX) in Hong Kong. In 2018, TT plans to offer connectivity through B3’s data
center in Brazil and make additional enhancements to its global infrastructure.

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