Trading Technology Made to Scale

Terry Flanagan

Portware PRO delivers out-of-the-box trading and execution for firms that can’t support internal development.

Firms that engage in trading don’t necessarily want to be in the IT support business. That’s leading trading system providers to offer streamlined versions of their products that can be hosted in a cloud environment.

“Financial services firms these days are looking for ways to cut costs that will not impact performance,” Ary Khatchikian, president and co-founder of Portware, told Markets Media. “Moving to the cloud is one of the main ways that firms can do this, particularly now that powerful, enterprise-class cloud-based solutions are available.”

Instead of lengthy and costly on-site deployments that require dedicated internal staff and IT resources, cloud-based solutions offers fast time to market, minimal implementation costs and significantly reduced total cost of ownership, Khatchikian said.

Portware has launched Portware PRO, a turnkey solution that gives traders access to broker algorithmic strategies and direct trading destinations including exchanges, ECNs, MTF’s and crossing networks.

Traders can securely access PRO via Portware’s global cloud environment, eliminating lengthy on-site implementations and drastically reducing total cost of ownership.

Portware PRO is not a stripped-down version of Portware Enterprise, the company’s trade management and execution system for portfolio, single stock, automated and algorithmic trading, said Khatchikian.

It contains the same functionality as Portware Enterprise, our flagship product that is used by some of the most sophisticated asset managers, hedge funds and broker dealers globally,” he said. “The main difference is that while Portware Enterprise is fully customizable, Portware PRO is not.”

This makes it a cost-effective solution for asset managers who don’t want to dedicate the internal resources and time required for a fully customized deployment, but who still want to access Portware’s trading solution.

“Portware has traditionally worked with the largest and most sophisticated global trading firms,” said Khatchikian. “Portware PRO allows us to bring the power of Portware to a broader client base which may not previously had the internal resources to support it. “

The cloud deployment model makes it simple for asset managers who begin with PRO to scale up to Enterprise if and when they need a more customized solution.

“It enables trading firms of any size to tap into the same multi-asset platform that has previously empowered only the largest global trading firms,” said Khatchikian.

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