TruValue Labs Debuts ESG Data on Open:FactSet


TruValue Labs, the pioneer in AI-driven environmental, social and governance (ESG) data, has launched on the Open:FactSet Marketplace, a new online platform that offers both financial and alternative data to investment professionals.

Third-party data providers for the Open:FactSet Marketplace have been carefully selected by FactSet. As the first provider of ESG analytics based on the Sustainability Accounting Standards Board (SASB) materiality framework, platform users will benefit from TruValue Labs’ historical ESG datasets and analytics in order to more quickly identify market signals and gain trading advantages.

“FactSet is delighted to welcome TruValue Labs as a provider on the Open:FactSet Marketplace,” said Rich Newman, SVP and Global Head of Content & Technology Solutions, at FactSet. “ESG data is in great demand among investment managers, who rely on a wide range of information to help quantify the intangible factors that drive a company’s value and performance. TruValue Lab’s ESG content alongside FactSet’s data feeds creates a powerful combination that can be leveraged by clients both to manage risk and identify new investment opportunities.”

“We are excited to offer our data through FactSet’s innovative platform in order to reach a broader audience of investment professionals,” said Hendrik Bartel, CEO of TruValue Labs. “As we continue to expand our datasets, our work with FactSet will provide clients with another layer of in-demand financial intelligence helping them to uncover intangible value and risk factors found within unstructured data.”

This announcement follows TruValue Labs’ recently released report on the effectiveness of timely ESG signals which is based on a 10-year long backtested strategy yielding performance enhancing results. TruValue Labs’ ESG methodology incorporates both positive and negative company actions calculated on a daily basis, thus providing investors with more timely and actionable information in their investment decisions.

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