UNX Launches Financial App Store

Terry Flanagan

Catalyst Marketplace offers access to free, paid and trial software.

UNX, an open systems technology provider, is launching the “Catalyst Marketplace,” an app store for downloading software from providers in the Marketplace.

The Marketplace represents a departure from the traditional trading technology business model in that UNX encourages outside developers to build applications for its open-architecture, broker-neutral trading platform, Catalyst, using the UNX Software Development Kit (SDK).
Once applications are ready for deployment, they can be distributed and accessed through the Marketplace.

“UNX’s model of an open marketplace nurtures and promotes technology innovation without the customary limitations,” said UNX CEO Thomas Kim. “Our broker-neutral and open-source Marketplace facilitates best execution in that traders don’t have to commit to a specific provider.”

The Marketplace offers instant access to free, paid and trial-version apps from broker-dealers, trading firms, exchanges and software companies, where industry professionals can shop for brokerage solutions such as algorithms, order routing and analytics from various brokerages and investment banks around the world.

These include advanced trading analytics from a host of leading providers including QSG and Titan Trading Analytic, investment research and recommendations provided by Zacks Research, and UNX’s own Catalyst Execution Management System (EMS) for portfolio, single-stock and options trading and international order routing

“Also, providers benefit from joining the UNX Marketplace because it offers worldwide distribution-enabling them to better monetize their products and extend services to a broader client base,” said Kim. “It’s a conflict-free and unique value proposition for all involved.”

UNX recently launched its Developer Center website, where Catalyst participants can customize plug-ins and update such offerings as algorithms without having to involve the UNX development team. For example, NYSE Technologies is using the SDK to customize content and services for delivery to the global trading community via the Catalyst Marketplace.

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