Vela Trading Targets Fixed Income


Liquidity constraints in fixed income markets continue to vex institutional traders. This situation presents a potential opportunity for data and technology vendors who believe they can help market participants piece together the puzzle.

Nearing her one-year anniversary as chief executive officer of SR Labs, Jennifer Nayar leads one of those vendors.

The company today said it rebranded as Vela Trading Technologies, which derives from the southern constellation of Vela, or “The Sails” in Latin.

On top of discussing the company’s technology road map with Vela clients, Nayar has seen an uptick in interest for her company’s feed handlers and market-access offerings within fixed-income markets.

“We are seeing a lot of opportunities coming in the fixed-income space,” she said. “Regulation is certainly driving that.”

The corporate name change caps a two-year integration project between SR Labs and Wombat Technologies, a competing vendor that SR Labs acquired from IntercontinentalExchange in 2014.

Jennifer Nayar,Vela Trading Technologies

Jennifer Nayar,
Vela Trading Technologies

“Like with any acquisition where you bring competitors together, there are clients that selected one product over the other,” Nayar told Market Media. “You are dealing with a tricky situation where we were competing, but now we are the same company.”

Over the past 12 months, Nayar and her team have focused on bringing the two technology teams together as well as integrating, such as project management, client service, and product delivery.

“I’m trying to make sure that we have a common approach, common look-and-feel to everything we do,” she said. “For clients that have invested in our technology, we want them to know that their investments in the technology are safe and sound. We will give a path forward to stay current and relevant with the investments that they have made to date.”

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