UK regulator is 'horizon scanning' for future misconduct risks.

EONIA will be discontinued on 3 January 2022.


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The exchange has nearly 4% market share of overall pan-European continuous trading.

This complements the previous statement on the use of UK data in MiFID II calculations.

Asset managers risk being left behind as competitors refine trading insights.

Exchange operator says putting on the brakes is in the public good.

Building an investment portfolio is similar to buying a seed kit.

The banks made 135.8m errors in transaction reporting over nine and a half years.

SIP collects, consolidates and disseminates data on options trading.

Lisa Shemie, Jill Sigelbaum named to the top spots.

Talent pool has been drained by fewer EU tech graduates coming to the UK.

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EuroCCP And Brexit

EuroCCP will provide post-trade services to EU-based entities of three UK trading venues.

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Buy-side firms need more granular analysis across the trade life cycle.

European investors aren't seeing the needle move.

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SimCorp says it's about addressing concrete problems faced on a daily basis.

Brexit will make UK companies less attractive acquisition targets.

There is no certainty that any transaction will materialise.