Excellence in Banks: Diane S Reyes, HSBC

Terry Flanagan
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Diane S Reyes was recognized for Excellence in Banks at the 2016 Women in Finance Markets Choice Awards.

Describe the highlights of your career to date and your current role/responsibilities.

Diane Reyes, HSBC

Diane S Reyes, HSBC

One significant highlight has certainly been my appointment to Group General Manager at HSBC in February 2015. At the time, this was certainly the achievement of one of my key career aspirations, but I’ve since realized that it was the beginning of a new journey.

Another highlight was the award of a large-scale government contract that spanned 2-3 years of effort by the broader team. This was purported to be the largest mandate of its kind. The signing ceremony is still visible in my mind, with multiple copies, pens, dignitaries and photographs. To me, it symbolized then, and still does today, the belief that teamwork, persistence and dedication pays off despite what others may say to discourage you along the way.

I’ve been with the Bank since 2011, heading up the Global Liquidity and Cash Management (GLCM) business, which operates across five regions and over 60 countries. I am responsible for over 80 products and services offering to large and middle market corporate, financial institutions and government organizations.

What do you — and by extension your team at HSBC — do to achieve excellence?

I put this achievement down to three key factors.

The first of these is strategic vision. In a cost conscious environment, my team and I have executed a bold investment strategy to further our vision of becoming a market leader and this has led to significant and measurable business growth.

The second factor is due to a passion and drive to innovate. Together with my team, we’ve taken a forward-thinking approach to develop new and better ways of working and servicing customers. We’ve established an innovation lab to focus on the next generation of digital and mobile banking services and we’ve launched a number of e-commerce products to drive more efficient and more convenient banking for customers.

Finally, I have been committed to mentorship and advocacy of women in business. This has involved working to grow the confidence and skill set of both my formal mentees and those across my network who seek advice and guidance. I regularly host and sponsor Women in Business and Diversity initiatives and events – both within HSBC and the industry.

What is your perspective on being a successful woman working in financial markets, and what is your advice to those who may strive for this?

Focusing on execution against objectives is critical. There will always be ups and downs in your career, so it’s going to take a lot of persistence, resilience and flexibility. You need to be a true team player and recognise the responsibility you have to the people who look up to you as a role model by demonstrating high integrity and strong values.

Keeping your head down and just doing your job well isn’t enough to succeed. You need to take responsibility for your own career. You also need to be your own ‘brand manager’, informing your stakeholders about what you have accomplished for the organization.

And when you reach the next rung on the ladder, you can’t sit back and relax – it’s just the start of the new journey and an opportunity to build the next generation of leaders.

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