Excellence in Trading Platforms: Erica Barrett, Tradeweb

Terry Flanagan
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Erica Barrett was recognized for Excellence in Trading Platforms at the 2016 Women in Finance Markets Choice Awards.

Describe the highlights of your career to date and your current role/responsibilities?

Erica Barrett, Tradeweb

Erica Barrett, Tradeweb

I joined Tradeweb in 2000 to spearhead the launch of the firm’s Commercial Paper (CP) and Agency Discount Note (ADN) platforms. Our platform transformed the way these securities were traded, and helped electronify a market that historically executed trades manually. Working at a firm that continues to lead the electronification of the fixed income, derivatives and ETF markets has given me the opportunity to play an active role in that evolution.

Over the years, my role at Tradeweb has grown into managing our relationships and contracts with the dealer community across multiple products. Working with different clients to facilitate the delivery of solutions that meet their business needs is something I truly enjoy.

What did you and your team do to achieve the “Excellence in Trading Platforms” award?

The markets have seen a significant transformation, in the 20+ years I’ve worked in this industry, and at Tradeweb, we’re not only part of that change, we lead it. Our firm pioneered the multi-dealer request-for-quote trading protocol, and has since continued to build and introduce a lot of the technology and infrastructure solutions that have moved markets forward.

We’ve become a leading fixed income and derivatives trading platform, and have grown to support over 20 markets. It’s exciting to be able to innovate and enhance workflows to support a more efficient trading process through electronifiation.

The financial markets are always changing and it’s exciting to be a part of continuing that evolution by growing and expanding the work I do.

What is your perspective on being a successful woman working in financial markets, and what is your advice to those who may strive for this?

It’s inspiring to work in an industry where there is opportunity for leadership positions and for women to play an integral role in the shaping of markets. I would advise anyone striving for success in the financial markets not only to persevere, but also to find a positive mentor and role model. My professional perspective was shaped observing the passion and commitment I saw my mother bring to her work. She took such pride in her job as an elementary school principal, and that inspired me to find a profession that I love, which led me to Tradeweb.

It’s important to find a role that not only excites, but challenges you to be a better employee and eventually a leader. It’s a lesson I’ve followed in my life, and after 16 years at Tradeweb, I can happily say that I still love what I do.

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