Exponential Rise in Data Volumes Forecast

Terry Flanagan

Firms will need to change the way they acquire and consume information.

Rising market and reference data volumes are compelling a concomitant need for firms to be more selective in the way they acquire and consume data.

“There’s no question that volumes will keep growing, regulatory pressures will increase and operational complexities will multiply,” Rick Enfield, product business owner, at Asset Control, told Markets Media.   “It will continue to become harder to mine, manage and make data useful without significant investments in automation.”

Asset Control’s AC Plus Collection Service is a service-based solution provides a centralized data management system that allows firms to control the entire “instrument set-up process”—the operational steps necessary to create a new instrument across a company’s numerous systems. These might include, among others, portfolio management, trading, risk, settlements, compliance, valuation, account and client reporting.

The setting up of a new instrument can be an incredibly inefficient, complex and lengthy process.

“In most firms, the process to ensure accuracy, consistency and completeness throughout the organization can be a highly manual, error prone and time consuming task,” Enfield said.

AC Plus Collection Service provides “on-the-fly” instrument creation, allowing firms to specifically select the data needed for a new instrument upload and deploy it in a standardized way to numerous systems, while providing cost and efficiency savings through one streamlined centralized process, he said.

“What’s more, and what makes the AC Plus collection service unique, is that it also allows you to ensure that this new instrument data is being uploaded in a timely manner by monitoring internal SLAs for the steps that need to be taken to get the data into all the right systems and ensure that is useable as well as actionable,” Enfield said.

Data can be requested directly from leading suppliers, such as SIX Telekurs VDF, through configurable interfaces that can be tailored to suit the needs of individual consuming systems in order to minimize data acquisition costs, according to Asset Control.

The service provides straight-through process between the business user or the system requesting the data and the data vendor, thus automating the enormously complex and error-prone instrument set-up processes.  Asset Control provides maintenance of all of its feed handlers to ensure consistent and reliable data management operations.

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