By John D'Antona

US Listed Options Grow By 45.9m Contracts in October

The options market continued to grow on a monthly and year-over-year basis in October.

According to the market consultancy Tabb Group, October saw monthly US options volume grow by 45.9 million contracts compared to September 2017, despite volatility remaining at record-low levels.

October 2017 YTD listed options volume totaled 3.5 billion contracts, representing a 3.4% increase versus the same period in 2016.

In looking at the details, Tabb Group analysts noted spreads in October 2017 tightened by a penny, to $0.25, which is the lowest amount since September 2013.

Cboe captured 41.7% of the US Equity Options market share October YTD 2017 followed Nasdaq 36.7%. NYSE YTD market share was 14.0% followed by MIAX 5.6% and BOX 2.1%. In terms of average bid/offer spreads, CBOE C2, OMX PHLX, NYSE ARCA, BATS BZX, NASDAQ, ISE, and ISE Gemini tighter average bid/offer spreads than the October 2017 industry average. For Penny Options – CBOE, Nasdaq, and NYSE dominate in terms of volume, with those combined entities contributing over 90% of the total volume traded in October 2017.

TABB Group’s monthly Options LiquidityMatrix™ analyzes the 15 US options exchanges, in addition to broader industry trends. Metrics include market share, market quality, average spread, average trade size, and volume breakdown for all options and penny options.

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