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Stylish Laptop Bag for Traveling

Wardrobe stylist Jessica Cadmus, AKA Wardrobe Whisperer, joins us weekly to answer your style questions. Have a query? Send to jessica@wardrobewhisperer.com

QI travel frequently for work and need a bag that fits my computer but looks stylish and has enough room for cords, plugs, etc. Backpacks and roller briefcases are good on the back but look like amateur hour in the airport. Help!

A.  Speaking of amateur hour in the airport, last week I flew to Los Angeles to work with West Coast clients. As I boarded the plane I wondered if United was in beta on a new concept: themed flights. Judging from my fellow passengers, I guessed ours was “Pajama Party” (although it was more pajama and less party since DirecTV was busted and it also took forever for the liquor cart to commence). In any case, I was horrified by the number of folks over the age of 4 dressed in bed clothes for a 1pm departure. I understand the desire for comfort on a six-hour haul but there’s a level of etiquette we must maintain. That etiquette includes, at the most fundamental level, wearing clothing designed for outdoors. So let me not only answer your question but also commend you, dear reader, on being cognizant of the way you present yourself while traveling.

To look chic and remain organized when on the go, I opt for a cross-body bag. These work just as well for men as they do for women. Most quality and design-conscious bags these days include a removable strap for such purposes as dashing through the airport to meet your connection. Some unisex examples:

$: Luggage Nylon Slim Brief by Jack Spade

Luggage Nylon Slim Brief $378

Photo via Jack Spade

$$: Haneda by WANT LesEssentiels De La Vie

Photo via WANT Les Essentiels de la Vie

Photo via WANT Les Essentiels de la Vie

$$$: Trudeau by WANT LesEssentiels De La Vie

Photo via WANT Les Essentiels de La Vie

Photo via WANT Les Essentiels de La Vie

$$$$: Phileas by Balenciaga

Photo via Barneys

Photo via Barneys

Any of these bags will provide substantial polish to your overall look. So when you’re at your gate, bag securely across you, glance around. With the way those other fools are dressed, you will no doubt be the closest to securing the holy grail of flying: the free upgrade.

Jessica Cadmus

Jessica Cadmus, the Wardrobe Whisperer, is a former Goldman Sachs employee who is now a wardrobe stylist and personal shopper. She is recognized as an industry expert on dressing Wall Street professionals. She has appeared on Bloomberg’s Rewind with Matt Miller and has been interviewed by Wall Street Journal’s FINS.com. She is ready for your style questions. You can send them here and check this recurring column for a response:jessica@wardrobewhisperer.com

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