Instinet's Anushree Laturkar says investing in research and analysis is key to improving client outcomes.

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AI can optimize algorithms to better recognize and adapt to real-time market conditions.

Due diligence process has not kept pace with the proliferation of algorithmic trading.

By Greta Zhou and Andy Cheung, APAC AES, Credit Suisse

Broker's new platform generates execution strategies that leverage client-specific trading data.

Trading platform addresses the market's need for performance, transparency and control.

Forensic analysis makes ’black box’ algorithms more transparent.

With Eugene Kanevsky, James Redbourn, and Joanna Wong, CLSA

Credit Suisse execs assess what the lit order book on exchanges tells us -- and what it doesn't.

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As the Algo Wheel Turns

Automated order-routing process helps the buy side trade more systematically.