With Eugene Kanevsky, James Redbourn, and Joanna Wong, CLSA

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Credit Suisse execs assess what the lit order book on exchanges tells us -- and what it doesn't.

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As the Algo Wheel Turns

Automated order-routing process helps the buy side trade more systematically.

Aiden launched last year after being developed jointly by RBC and Borealis AI.

Daily Email Feature

Sell Side Steps Up Automation

Brokerage firms find that automating processes boosts efficiency and frees up trader bandwidth.

Dealers have increased automation of manual electronic workflows.

Banks are competing for the top spot on investors’ algo wheels, Tabb report says.

Strategy looks to increase the targeted participation rate when the stock moves favorably.

Aim is to provide traders with optimal  levels of transparency, performance and control.

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Targeting the Close

A target-close model allows traders to mitigate market impact, Deutsche Bank's Andrew Royal writes.