Strategy looks to increase the targeted participation rate when the stock moves favorably.

Aim is to provide traders with optimalĀ  levels of transparency, performance and control.

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Targeting the Close

A target-close model allows traders to mitigate market impact, Deutsche Bank's Andrew Royal writes.

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Let Go of the Wheel!

Buy-side traders need to "embrace their Tesla moment," Credit Suisse AES exec writes.

Invesco seeks a differentiated view in a data-rich world.

Market veteran discusses algorithms and their applications.

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"High Touch Algos"

Sell side must invest in automation and trade process technology, Pavilion Global Markets says.

Simulation is the best way to model outcomes, exec says.

BIS white paper assesses 'Proof of Work' algos for digital assets.

Focal point of role has shifted from T&E to TCA.