Mike Wilkins of R3 discusses blockchain and the importance of interoperability for digital assets.

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Carolyn Cushman DeSena and Rishi Nangalia talk about the late Neil DeSena and the award named after him.

With Joe Schifano, Global Head of Regulatory Affairs at Eventus Systems.

Long-time CEO discusses current topics in the trading of over the counter securities.

With Matthew Nelson, Vice President at Broadridge, and Ignatius John, former president of Alpha Omega.

With Rob Gouley, Principal, Trading at OMERS, and Eric Stockland, MD, Global Markets at BMO Capital Markets.

Capitolis' Gil Mandelzis and Justin Klug discuss the fintech firm's past, present and future.

An estimated 80% of asset managers' technology budgets goes toward just 'keeping the lights on'.

Discussion covered what processes have been automated and which have yet to be automated.

Electronic trading heads discuss the latest on SEC Rule 606(b)(3), the Consolidated Audit Trail, and more.