1.02-1.05…The Weekender


2013 was a year of exciting weekend activities and events. We waited on long lines before sunset to get our hands on a pastry and even Sherlock Holmes-ed our way through the streets of NYC to get our hands on a one-of-a-kind piece of Banksy artwork. Now it’s time to walk into the first weekend of 2014 and see what the new year has to offer us. Here’s some ideas on how to make the most of the first weekend in 2014!

Richard Prince: My Name, 1987. Acrylic and silkscreen ink on canvas. Diptych 55 7/8 x 96 inches overall. 141.9 x 243.8 cm overall

Richard Prince: My Name, 1987. Acrylic and silkscreen ink on canvas. Diptych
55 7/8 x 96 inches overall. 141.9 x 243.8 cm overall

Thursday, Jan 2nd.
980 Madison Ave, 3rd Floor
Nahmad Contemporary is holding the Richard Prince: Monochromatic Jokes exhibit at their gallery until January 18th. The exhibition features pieces from his series spanning from 1987-1993. These paintings pay homage to the “borscht belt” humor of the 1950s, including pop-culture jokes transcribed onto canvas. Head over to the exhibit and get in some laughs as you view paintings that haven’t previously been shown in the United States.

image via: Flickr

image via: Flickr

Friday, Jan 3rd.
Madison Square Garden
Does the impending blizzard have you in despair about not heading to a warmer vacation spot for the holidays? Escape the storm and warm up Southern-style at the Monster Energy Buck Off, where the Professional Bull Riders organization kicks off its 2014 tour with it’s 3-day show at MSG.

Saturday, Jan 4th.
Javits Center
If you love fishing and boating, then kick off the season at the New York Boat Show. Similar to the annual New York Car Show, you’ll find yachts and cruisers, bass and pontoon boats, canoes and kayaks, fishing boats and personal watercraft, electronics and engines and fishing gear, and even financing and insurance to travel destinations.

Sunday, Jan 5th.
Prospect Heights
Are you always making New Years resolutions and failing to stick to them? You’re not alone. Join the rest of the resolutioners at the class offered by Brooklyn Brainery for the New Year’s Resolutions: How to Make and Keep Them seminar. 2014 could be your year to make difference.

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