Sleep No More but Dream Once More


By Stephanie Oh, Markets Media Life Correspondent

All Broadway shows are unique in their own way, but some are more unique than others. One very unique performance is Sleep No More, which has established its reputation as must-see interactive theatre in New York, ever since it premiered in March 2011. Brought by the theatrical team of Punchdrunk, Sleep No More takes place at the McKittrick Hotel where the audiences experience a darker film noir version of Shakespeare’s classic tragedy Macbeth.

©Thomas Kaine All Images Courtesy of Sleep No More NYC

©Thomas Kaine
All Images Courtesy of Sleep No More NYC

The play is constructed in a way that the audiences move freely through the stage (in this case, the whole warehouse that’s transformed into a fancy 1930s hotel), open up the drawers, and participate in the play with your observational instinct. You wander through hotel rooms, lunatic asylums, and even a ballroom to discover a naked couple inside of a bathtub.

(l-r) Nicholas Bruder and Sophie Bortolussi with audience members © Robin Roemer Photograph

(l-r) Nicholas Bruder and Sophie Bortolussi with audience members © Robin Roemer Photograph

Audience members wear a white, carnival mask, which adds to the visual and also discourages conversation during the performance. Patrons are welcome to follow a character and separate from their friends. Sleep No More is intended to awake a voyeuristic side of the audiences to peek at the creepy yet marvelous performance presented by this British creative team.

Just remember to arm up with comfy shoes since there is going to be a lot fo random walking. Sleep No More is beyond just a theatrical show, but it is a dreamlike experience that will leave you be dazed for days.

Sleep No More is currently on view at the McKittrick Hotel, 530 W 27th St New York, NY 10001.
Tel: (866) 811-4111
Ticket prices vary from $75 to $105.
You can buy tickets here.

All images courtesy of Sleep No More NYC

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