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Festival Season Plays On

07.12.2016 By Markets Media Life

By Arielle Pierre, Markets Media Life

On Saturday August 6, the second annual Bushwick Music Festival will provide art lovers the chance to experience eight straight hours of fine art. The festival includes a remarkable assortment of performances, exhibits, and activities from up and coming independent artists from all over the world.

Festival Season Plays On

Photo via Brandon Henry

BMF began as a liaison between emerging artists and an audience eager to discover new talent. The organizers of this event hope to continue this tradition come early August. According to Goldie Harrison, coordinator of the Bushwick Music Festival “This is a festival for the indie, by the indie.”

Festival Season Plays On

Photo via Brandon Henry

Harrison, initially contacted by the founder of BMF, Peter Hadrian, believes that this event will provide festival-goers with an experience they will not find anywhere else. With “positive energy” and “good vibes” at the center of its core values, the Bushwick Music Festival is the perfect place for a first date, quality time with your family, or for someone simply in the mood for a party!

Festival Season Plays On

Photo via Brandon Henry




Festival Season Plays On

Photo Via Bushwick Music Festival


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