Perseus Telecom Improves Connectivity to Brazil

Terry Flanagan

Perseus Telecom has made the company’s network between Nasdaq OMX in New York and BM&F Bovespa in Sao Paulo, 2.5 milliseconds faster than its already fastest recognized connection.

Perseus has operated a market-to-market network connection between New York and Brazil from the datacenters of Nasdaq OMX and the BM&F Bovespa for almost two years while working to enhance performance.

“At the time we4 launched our network to Brazil in 2011, we had just completed optimization of infrastructure on the U.S. backhaul between Nasdaq and Bovespa,” said Andrew Kusminsky, chief operating and strategy officer at Perseus Telecom. “Since then we have captured a large portion of the financial trading community that was looking for connectivity to Brazil. We’ve grown that business exponentially.”

Dozens of companies within financial markets including exchanges, banks, brokers, high frequency traders, market data and order management vendors have found opportunities with accelerated speed over the Perseus network.

“Perseus has taken all of the necessary steps through our operations unit in Brazil to ensure we meet the regulatory environments as a licensed facilities carrier,” Kusminsky said. “The Perseus connection from New York to Brazil is now optimized through custom built networks spanning from Fortaleza, Rio de Janeiro and on through Sao Paulo, ideal for trading, broadcasting and the movement of big data.”

Customers have selected Perseus Telecom for the fastest connections from Chicago to New York, New York to Brazil, New York to London, London to Frankfurt and with other key market-to-market connections. Moreover, Perseus customers rely on best-in-class speed to market backed by a performance driven “Walk-Away” Service Level Agreement (SLA).

“Optimizing our network to and within Brazil in an effort to keep our commitment to our customers is a part of a daily regimen for our team,” said Kusminsky. “We are committed to ensuring our network meets the performance requirements our customers demand.”

BLK Sistemas Financeiros has connected to the BM&F Bovespa through the Perseus Telecom LiquidPath connection of sub 50 microseconds. LiquidPath, launched late in 2012 by Perseus, connects the ALOG/Equinix (SP1) datacenter with the BM&F Bovespa data center (CT1) in less than 50 microseconds Round Trip Delay (RTD).

BLK Sistemas Financeiros specializes in electronic and algorithmic trading with new infrastructure developed in Brazil called ‘Proximity Colocation’ for high speed electronic trading operations. BLK customers utilize a sophisticated ultra-low latency straight through processing environment, based on the latest technological advancements available.

“We carefully selected Perseus Telecom, who is well known in Brazil for its exchange connectivity platform, LiquidPath, which has helped ensure the best performance locally for our customers,” said Rogério Paiva, managing director at BLK Sistemas Financeiros.

LiquidPath assists brokers, vendors and their customers with international communications, infrastructure support and ultra low-latency last mile connectivity to exchanges.

“It’s about infrastructure-as-a-service, attracting the trading community to a single location where trading can be more efficient for local participants, as well as cross-border trading, where U.S. and international trading firms have an avenue to connect to the local infrastructure in Brazil,” Kusminsky said.

“BLK Sistemas Financeiros is a great new addition to the Perseus Telecom community, connecting to our global network from Brazil,” said Marcos Guimaraes, president of Perseus Telecom Brazil. “BLK can now help its customers take advantage of our LiquidPath infrastructure to provide access to the BM&F Bovespa for its trading customers, but also to other exchanges in the 60 global markets Perseus serves.”

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