Wearing O’ the Green


by Mademoiselle Wanderlust

What will you be doing this fine St. Patrick’s Day?

Have a look at our top picks for anything your little heart desires come Monday, March 17 (and the week or two before and after the day, for those who prefer an extended celebration).

 Image via NYCMarines

Image via NYCMarines

If you feel like sporting your “Kiss Me I’m Irish” shirt:
New York City St. Patty’s Day Parade – need we say more?
(Fifth Ave from 44th St to 79th St., March 17 at 11 AM)

A little bit of Irish theatre goes a long way:
ONCE is on the Broadway stage! Based on the indie film set in Dublin, it was the winner of the 2012 Tony Award for Best New Musical.
(Bernard B. Jacobs Theatre, 242 W 45th St. b/w Broadway and Eighth Ave; oncemusical.com; $60–$157)

Great Pours and Comfort Foods:
An Beal Bocht Pub, also the title of a novel by Irish writer Flann O’Brien, is Gaelic for “the poor mouth”. Known for their signature Bangers and Mash.
“..kind of place a visitor from Ireland would feel worthy of a pint” New York Times
(445 W 238th St – Bronx)

Best Lamb Burger in Town:
Breslin at the Ace Hotel has a menu that will satiate any appetite. This gastro-pub offers the most lavishly fatty foods one can imagine.
“The Breslin is the sort of restaurant you end up thinking about a lot, not always pleasantly, staring up at the ceiling at 3 in the morning in cold sweat and mild panic. Yes, the food is good. But it is monochromatically good: it is 10 colors of fat. Excess can become wretched, and fast.” New York Times
(Ace Hotel – 16 W 29th St)

A little Irish History:
St. Patrick’s Weekend Irish Tours. Explore the LES where more Irish residents (according to census data) once had a larger presence than Dublin itself. You’ll explore the Five Points Neighborhood which was once home to the Irish gangs in the 1800’s.
(March 15/16 – Call 212.233.4164)

Best Irish Whiskey:
Bushmill’s 21 year old Single Malt – $115
Aged 21 years, the result is a rich, smooth old malt, its nose slightly nitty with hints of dried fruit and butterscotch. It’s delicate, sexy and intriguing.

Whatever your heart desires this Lucky Clover day, drink, be merry and stay safe!

Mademoiselle Wanderlust is a regular contributor to the Markets Media Life section.

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