Where to Stay in Delhi this Holiday Season?

Rupveen Arora

Rupveen Arora

By Rupveen Arora (Mademoiselle Wanderlust), Head of Lifestyle, and Sheena Singh-Richardson, Lifestyle Contributor.

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Where to Stay in Delhi this Holiday Season? Oberoi Hotel, of course!

I looked to my aunt Sheena Singh-Richardson who is quite frankly a hotel snob (As Am I), so I knew she’d shed some light on her favorite Delhi home away from home; and she jumped at the chance to toot this fabulous hotel’s horn.

The Oberoi Hotel (Photo credit: Wikimedia Commons)


Oberoi, New Delhi has a special place in Delhiites hearts, including mine, although I haven’t lived in lndia for most of my life. But I recall Special occasions celebrated at the ‘Cafe’, where I had my first coffee. The flakiest pastries, richest chocolate cake, oh, and the whitest napkins!  These were some of my special memories of childhood. I can recall the 80’s Delhi glitterati ever present in the hotel lobby, it could have been anywhere…the Savoy in London, George V in Paris, except for the one aspect that set Oberoi apart. Their exemplary customer service! And what service it is.

Initially opened and constructed in 1965, the Oberoi’s closed its doors and went through an extensive renovation, recently reopening in 2018. It has been 5 years since my last stay there, and as soon as I needed to go to Delhi, I, without hesitation, booked my 9 day stay at The Oberoi.

As I walked into the hotel lobby at 4am after a long haul flight from Los Angeles, I could tell the hotel was different. Understated elegance and contemporary decor, I was ushered in by the reception desk attendant who knew my name before I introduced myself, within 2 minutes, I was in my room.

The rooms are larger, the bathrooms exquisite and modern, the view of the Humayun’s Tomb, visible even in Delhi’s smog, I felt at home.

The contemporary aesthetic is carried through the public spaces, into the rooms. Bright and airy, luxurious beds and linens and the most important feature… the Butler. Ah, the Butler! At the touch of a button, a wonderful person appeared to help in any way possible. Any. Way. Possible.

Perhaps the most impressive and certainly required is the air purification system at the hotel. To help counter New Delhi’s ongoing and worsening, problematic air pollution, the hotel has an indoor air purification system that it says prevents the entry of harmful air particles into the building, ensuring their guests will breathe the cleanest air possible. Thank you.

In addition to the service par excellence, it is a most personal experience that made me want to write this article.

I traveled outside Delhi and came back to the hotel rather sick. Within seconds of stepping off the car, a staff of 4 people rushed out to assist me, I believe the doorman must have informed them.

I was terrified at the thought of flying 20 hours with a cold and a fever, within a few minutes, they had gotten me medicine, called a doctor, rushed to warm my room before I went up, set up a steam with eucalyptus oil,  insisted I go to the spa for a sauna, steam and massage.

Sheena Singh-Richardson

All in the first few minutes of my arrival. Then they sent a ginger lemon broth and made sure I drank it. They checked on me several times during the evening to ensure I wasn’t worsening. The next morning, greatly improved, the moment I stepped out to the lobby, I was greeted with the same care and attention to detail for the next 2 days, including a special broth to help my cold, and kept sending me the addictive ginger tonic concoction, which I am still craving.

The Wellness broth aside, I did eat at the various restaurant offerings. Three Sixty serves a grand breakfast daily, the choices overwhelm your senses. They made me a green juice every morning, with the exact ingredients I had requested the first day. Again, guests reign supreme!

The Club Bar is a modern, airy lounge to relax, unwind and enjoy your favorite libations. If in the mood for a more clubby atmosphere, head to the roof top bar and lounge, Cirrus 9.

Omya, the Indian restaurant is a gastronomic journey paying tribute to India’s culinary evolution over centuries. It was a treat for the senses and a memorable dinner.

Baoshuan, offers an array of Chinese food from all forty regions of China. Freshly handmade dim sum, Peking duck were my favorite here.

Someone recently asked me where they should stay in India. My answer was obvious.

Oberoi’s may have had a facelift for the better, but their fabled service never needed it, and is as impeccable as ever!

Thank you Team Oberoi! 🙌🏼🙏🏼

<Thank you Aunt Sheena for very aptly giving a nod to this classic establishment.>

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