Winter is Even Better From the Inside


The sub-zero temperatures that have been chilling the air in New York City reminds us that winter really is here, and although the cold winds are leaving our faces flushed and our fingertips numb, we can’t help but feel the need to embrace it. While we may not feel the need to be outside with the high-speed, freezing winds, we can still enjoy the winter excitement from the inside. Instead of staring out the window watching the snowflakes drift past, or being outside during a snowstorm, head over to one of New York City’s winter bars, or take a daring trip to Sweden and stay in the world famous ICEHOTEL. Winter shouldn’t be an excuse to escape the cold, but rather a chance to make the most of the excitement in seeing your breath right in front of you, and to take in the beauty of what the cold weather brings. We’ve searched high and wide and compiled a list of the best places for you to enjoy the thrills of winter from the inside.

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Featured photo courtesy of ICEHOTEL

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