2/28-3/2…The Weekender


Looking for something to do in NYC this weekend? Look no further, we’ve got you covered!


For the best brunches in NYC, head over to these amazing places and enjoy drinks, food, music and dancing.

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Baja Meets NYC Food and Wine Festival
What: Wine tasting with the winemakers of Valle de Guadalupe including Hugo d’Acosta (Casa de Piedra, Aborigen), Phil Gregory (Vena Cava), Amado Garza (Viñas de Garza), Mauricio Cantú (Cava Aragon 126, Madera 5), and Joaquin Prieto (Tres Valles).
Why: To give Mexican wines (not tequila!) the exposure they deserve.
When: 2/26 (opening ceremony), 2/27, 2/28, 3/1, 3/7
Where: Locations around NYC, schedule and details here

The Brooklyn Live Art Market
What: Live performances and works of art
Why: View some of the best alternative art practitioners in Brooklyn. Contemporary circus, production, physical theater, dance, visual art, and music will take over what was once Public Bath #7 at the Brooklyn Lyceum.
When: 3/1 and 3/2
Where: The Circle Theatre of New York, purchase tickets here

Oscars Viewing Party at Hudson Common
Watch Hollywood’s most anticipated awards show
Why: There will be music, truffle popcorn, specialty cocktails (The American Hustle Vodka Tonic), and of course the ability to watch your favorite stars win the awards they deserve.
When: 3/2
Where: Hudson Common, event details here


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