Manhattan Spa Sensations


By Michael Jacobson, Markets Media Life Correspondent

We think you’re worth it and deserve to reward yourself with one or both of these extremely different but wonderful Manhattan Spa Sensations. We invite you to experience a tranquil haven designed to lavishly pamper, indulge and nourish the well to do accomplished individuals – you.

Spas offer an oasis of unsurpassed serenity, privacy and elegance, customized treatments from massages, to facials, to peels, sauna, steam and unique therapies adding revitalizing products we promise will place the hustle and bustle of the world behind you, if not just for a couple hours.

The Setai / Wall Street

The Setai / Wall Street

Photo via The Setai

In the moving and shaking Financial District we found a spa oasis gem, which is simply tucked away inside a grey high rise and a stone throw away from Wall Street. The spa at the Setai has only 10 rooms open to the public offering a variety of services, including massage, steam, facial and specialized treatments. As part of the Setai Wall Street Residential Development this posh spa is part of the package when you live in their luxury condos, which also boasts the prime restaurant SHO restaurant, club lounge and fitness center.

More Information:
The Setai Wall Street
40 Broad Street
(212) 792-6193

Russian Baths / Lower East Side

Photo via Russian Baths

Photo via Russian Baths

Since 1892, they have served New York as the place to experience an unexpected paradise. The Russian & Turkish Baths features five saunas and steam rooms, a cold plunge pool, a roof deck, and restaurant.  They also offer massage services and treatments.

The Russian & Turkish Baths offers several treatments including massages, salt and mud treatments, and the world-renowned platza. It’s a stress free zone designed to let you chill out and get some peace of mind. So just kick off your shoes and takeoff your clothes and they will give you a robe, some slippers and all the towels you want. You’ll be in for a new old world pleasure of being totally relaxed and spanking clean. Keep in mind, it’s co-ed but does have days and times gender specific.

The place is not fancy, but its character and charm make up for it. Celebrities such as J-LO, Russell Simons, Colin Farrell and many others all have frequented this spa hot spot; so don’t stare when asked to share a bucket of cold water as they pour it over their head in the Turkish room, which by the way has actual rocks heating up over night bringing this room to well over 175 degrees.

More Information:
Russian Baths
268 East 10th Street
Between 1st and Avenue A
(212) 674.9250

Featured image by Shock/Kozzi

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