Please Touch The Art


By Stephanie Oh, Markets Media Life Correspondent

Brooklyn Bridge Park is steeped in history and culture. Ongoing since this past May, Public Art Fund invites you to the Brooklyn Bridge Park to experience Jeppe Hein’s Please Touch The Art exhibition – “imaginative, whimsical and emotionally resonant” engaging art exhibition to cool off from the seemingly endless humidity of New York.

Jeppe Hein, Appearing Rooms, 2004. Courtesy to König Galerie, Berlin.

Jeppe Hein, Appearing Rooms, 2004.
Courtesy of König Galerie, Berlin.

Curated by Nicholas Baume, Please Touch The Art is an interactive art exhibition that blurs the line between art and the public. Danish born artist, Jeppe Hein, already known for his exceptional works in the Bonniers Konsthall, Stockholm (2014) and Amos Anderson Art Museum, Helsinki (2013), is now exhibiting his 18 playful yet conceptually interactive sculptures in the Brooklyn Bridge Park.

Jeppe Hein Mirror Labyrinth, 2015 Courtesy of König Galerie, Berlin

Jeppe Hein, Mirror Labyrinth, 2015.
Courtesy of König Galerie, Berlin

The exhibition features aquatic Appearing Rooms that are divided by iconic water “walls,” Mirror Labyrinth, installed at the Pier 3 where equidistantly spaced mirrors conceive a spiral form of a labyrinth, and 16 Modified Social Benches that are spread throughout the park.

Jeppe Hein, Modified Social Bench NY #11, 2015. Courtesy of König Galerie, Berlin.

Jeppe Hein, Modified Social Bench NY #11, 2015.
Courtesy of König Galerie, Berlin.

Along with these wonderful design benches, the exhibition offers children and grownups a scavenger hunt where you use the map to hunt the landscapes, take a picture, and share it on social media (or you can simply email your photo to communications@publicartfund.org). Once you’ve completed, you may be awarded a special prize to remember this small adventure. Oh, and don’t forget: please touch the art on your way!

The exhibition is held at the Brooklyn Bridge Park throughout April 17, 2016.
Hours: 6 am – 1 am daily.
Free admission. 

All images via Public Art Fund.

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