This Month in Bespoke: Arden Reed


At their pop-up shop inside John Allan’s Tribeca, Markets Media spoke with Carlos Solorio, co-founder of the custom suiting company Arden Reed. Before starting Arden Reed, Solorio was an investment banker working alongside founder Michael Abadi in New York. Being around men wearing suits to work daily, Solorio and Abadi realized that men expressed themselves through the suits they wore. They said goodbye to investment banking and created Arden Reed to provide men with one-of-a-kind suits to replace their treasure trove of misfitting habiliments.

Solorio and Abadi are aware that men feel more confident in a suit when it fits well. Being in a market where there are plenty of other custom suiters, Arden Reed had to stand out from their competitors. They accomplished this with the introduction of cutting-edge technology that is changing the world of bespoke. The company employs a futuristic 3D scanner that only takes up to 10 minutes to get processed. You might ask yourself, where can I find this super-fast custom-fitting machine? In a truck, of course! Arden Reed drives around their 3D scanner in their custom suiting truck, and parks it in various locations around New York City. They even do ‘Wall Street Wednesday’s’ right by Old Slip and Water Street.

Carlos Solorio explained the importance of Arden Reed’s custom-suiting and 3D scanner in further detail. He tells us that “up until the 3D scanning technology, it was really hard to combine the measurements and body form and outsource it so you have a great fitting suit. Some guys have very arched backs, while some guys are very erect which causes some folding in the back, and a tailor who just has the measurements wouldn’t really know which way the belly falls.” Solorio and Abadi understand that the statement “all men are created equal” from the Declaration of Independence does not apply to body type. That’s why their 3D scanner is crucial in providing ambitious men with the perfect fitting suit.

Once you’re in the scanner, surface sensors take 3 snapshots of the body that take about 1-2 minutes to scan, up to 10 minutes to get processed, and then they do some manual measurements. Because this technology supplies the company with body form and measurements, Arden Reed can confidently provide you with the best fitting suit in your wardrobe.

The prices of basic fabrics start from around $400 – $550, which is a great deal for custom-made suits. “We can do that because we’ve removed the tailor out of the process with the 3D scanner, and the truck allows us to be in all parts of New York without the cost.” So for the businessman who wants to look like a million bucks without spending a million bucks, schedule an appointment with Arden Reed, and have your measurements completed in 10 minutes, for a great price, in a truck right outside your office.

Schedule your appointment here, and be part of the future of custom-suiting.

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