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Looking for a truly unique holiday gift?

Susana Zori may have some ideas. Zori is an expert and internationally renowned antique dealer, focusing on luxury antiques and estate jewelry in Victorian, Edwardian, Art Nouveau, Art Deco and Retro styles. She also deals with antique porcelain from Germany and Austria, cameo French glasses, bronze figurines, mirrors, and candelabra, and a type of ivory figurine from Japan called Netzuke.

Susana Zori

Zori’s eponymous antique-jewelry company is family-owned and operated, with offices in New York  and Buenos Aires. Susana Zori Inc. regularly exhibits at major antique shows in Las Vegas, Miami Beach, Chicago and New York.

Chiparus -”Les amis toujour” Art Deco circa 1925

Chiparus -”Les amis toujour” Art Deco circa 1925

Markets Media sat down with Zori, whose knowledge derives from scholarly training as well as more than two decades’ experience in importing and exporting in diverse markets across North and South America, Europe, and Asia.

Markets Media: How is the market for your company’s offerings, and what is the clientele?

Victorian cross with Natural pearls & rose cut dia.

A Victorian Cross, circa 1870, made in Silver topped Yellow Gold, set with Rose cut Diamonds and six Natural Pearls. Stamped with the double hallmark for the mix of silver and gold. This piece is valued at approximately $7,000.

Susana Zori: I see that right now many people pay much attention to art in general. Most are motivated by passion. Some also see art as an investment opportunity. Since ancient times, art has always attracted people seeking to honor tradition, nurture culture, accumulate knowledge, or out of sheer curiosity. Art today, and particularly antique art that I love and work with, is no longer restricted to a certain social class but is within the reach of a wider swath of people as long as they have the passion for it and feel the attraction.

My job is to mine the market and research the broad variety out there in order to identify antique objects that fulfill the passion of clients and are worthy of their attraction. To achieve this, my company Susana Zori, Inc., offers special pieces at various price points. Although pieces by the masters such as Cartier, Van Cleef & Arpels, Schlumberger and Mauboussin are sought-after whenever possible, what matters most is that the piece complements the client. I understand my clients’ needs and personalities and I am always trying to provide pieces that exceed their expectations.

MM: You deal with different styles of jewelry, which are your favorites?

SZ: Even though I primarily prefer 19th- and 20th-century jewelry, particularly from the Victorian, Edwardian, Art Deco and Retro periods, I also specialize in important stones and older cuts of diamonds such as ascher, cushion and old Europeans. I am not a newcomer in this business. Before I established Susana Zori, Inc., I founded Susana Santomauro, Inc., a family business with offices in Europe and South America. I love the challenge of starting something new and watching it grow and blossom.

Aqua Deco ring

An Art Deco 37 carats Aquamarine Ring with old European cut Diamonds and Onyx. Made in Platinum, stamped with Pt and the makers mark, circa 1925. This piece is valued at approximately $9,500.

MM: What is the most interesting piece of art you sold?

SZ: I have been fortunate to have the opportunity to handle a vast range of different pieces of art. For example, while in Brazil I dealt with jewelry that had belonged to the monarchy of Portugal, In Argentina I dealt with an exquisite gold cigarette case embellished with diamonds-it was a present from Cartier to Evita Peron during her visit to France.

Susana Zori’s showroom is located at
444 West 55th Street, Room 2409, New York, NY 10019
Tel.212-265-2962. Only by appointment

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