Valentines Day Guide: Last Minute Preparations


Before heading out for your Valentines Day plans, it’s necessary to make sure you go above and beyond to look your absolute best. Book an appointment at Fountain MedSpa, and choose from any of their beauty treatments including quick fixes (vitamin shots, botox, 30 minute facial, 15 minute nose job), tune ups (hydrafacial, Customized facial, lip plumper, IV vitamin therapy), or complete makeovers (PRP Facial Treatment (also known as the Vampire Facial), Hydra +S, and Pro-fractional). After you’re finished helping your skin look its best, head over to the full-service Pierre Michel Salon, where some of their top talent comes from Turkey, Japan, Brazil, and France, to give you the finest hairstyles for the night.

Pierre Michel Salon

Pierre Michel Salon

This talented staff has also worked the runways of fashion shows internationally, and can create some of the best hairstyles around. Take advantage of their famous “shampage” treatment–mixing a traditional shampoo and a soothing cranial and facial bone massage– as well as their award-winning makeup artist to complete the look. Who knows, maybe you’ll even run into one of the many celebrities who frequent the salon on a regular basis.

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Now comes the hardest part of the evening. What do you wear for your special night? Ever thought about wearing black on February 14th? Or blue, green, grey, basically any color that isn’t the typical color of love? Forget wearing the usual all pink or all red–those colors are too overdone.Try to switch it up this year, and go for a funky, Valentines Day inspired look that defies tradition and goes beyond the norm. Stand out in these looks that will make you feel like you’re walking the runway this Valentines Day. Whether you’re going to a fancy dinner, the movies, having a home cooked meal, or grabbing drinks with your friends, these NYFW inspired looks with just a subtle hint of red and pink are sure to have you in the Valentines Day (or Single Awareness Day) spirit.

Featured image via Flickr/Found Animals under CC

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